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How to find a great rabbit vibrator—advice from a sex toy designer

You might have recalled the classic Sex and the City episode just over 20 years ago—”The Turtle and The Hare”—the one where Charlotte discovers the wonders of the Vibratex Rabbit Habit Vibrator.

You might be wondering, “How can I reach similar heights of pleasure as Charlotte?” As someone who makes vibrators and has done plenty of research on the nuances of all vibrators out there, especially rabbits—I spent years under a mountain of them while working on the Lioness Vibrator, which is a rabbit-style vibrator—I’ll give you some of my best tips on how to shop for any rabbit vibrator.

What's the Difference Between Vaginal and Clitoral Orgasms?

"Can I have vaginal or clitoral orgasms? Are vaginal orgasms more intense? Is having 'orgasms of the vagina' or 'orgasms of the clitoris' better?" We get all sorts of questions about this one—and the answer is burdened by the weight of history, both sociological / moral in nature and from conflicting terminology over time.

If you want to get into the full messiness of the topic, read on.

What is the G-Spot?

Does the g-spot exist? How do you find it? There's a surprising amount of misinformation about this basic aspect of female anatomy. This is what science has to say about it and what that means for you.