Unique Technology

Though it looks like a standard vibrator, the Lioness integrates advanced sensors with intuitive design to help measure your sexual response through vaginal contractions, temperature and movement.


Turn on.




Use Lioness like any normal vibrator.
Afterwards, learn about your sexual response using the app.


Know You

Lioness brings you a new way to think and talk about your own sexuality. By tracking patterns in your arousal and orgasm over time, you can learn what works for your body. Discover how your sexual health is connected to the rest of your health (and vice versa!)


Lioness is also a damn good vibrator

if we do say so ourselves.


Ergonomic Form

The ergonomic handle prevents pesky cramping, while the vibrating flex nub conforms to your body, allowing a wider range of clitoral pressure.



The only vibrator that gets better over time, even after you buy it.



Privacy and security are always on the forefront of our minds. We never share data without your permission and we NEVER share personal identifying information. 

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Lioness is USB rechargeable and even alerts you when the battery is low.


Ready for yours?

Join hundreds of women receiving their Lioness before the retail launch

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