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Edging made my orgasms better (and my sessions longer) 😱

If anyone has ever seen my masturbation data or my personal Pleasure Wrapped before, you might be aware I am a “get it done quickly and efficiently and move on with the day” kind of girl.

My sessions are usually between 2-4pm and last about 1.5-8 minutes maximum. This has worked for me for many years but for 2024, I did make the active resolution to reset my mentality to be an enthusiastic learner of pleasure again. A young grasshopper, if you will. I thought the best way to kick off the resolution was to do what I saw as the #1 suggestion to try in 2024 by a lot of sex educators that I love: edging.

Now, I’ve given edging a chance every now and then, and sometimes I unwittingly do it when I’m using my hands because my hand cramps up. But this time, I was determined to spend the next two weeks mindfully practicing edging. Here’s how it went:

Baseline session

We always recommend recording a baseline session with your Lioness before starting any new sexperiment. A baseline session means measuring what a “typical” session looks like for you, how you normally like to masturbate. No adding of any atypical external factors just yet! So here’s mine before the start of this great edging sexperiment:

anna's baseline session with orgasm

Session length: 2m 47s

Orgasm length (highlighted in purple): 18s 

Here is just zoomed into the orgasm itself. My orgasms typically are the Ocean Wave pattern and have a very rhythmic contraction.

zoomed in baseline

Edging practice sessions 1-5

Now, I won’t put all 6 sessions on here for length sake, but over the next 11 days, I practiced really mindfully noticing my “plateau phase” (the feeling before the orgasm). I was getting up to about 5 plateaus and then pulling back from the orgasm before I would accidentally tip over the edge. I was definitely feeling a bigger sense of orgasm relief than I would typically feel, but I knew the edging sessions being 8-15 minutes long was too short.

anna's plateau phases

Session length: 9m 15s

Orgasm length (highlighted in purple): 22s

Number of plateaus (highlighted in orange): 5

Here is the zoom in to the last plateau (orange) before the orgasm (purple). You can see that the orgasm was slightly longer than my typical, but more interestingly, it was starting to have more of an Avalanche orgasm pattern than my typical Ocean Wave pattern.

anna's plateau phases zoomed in

The last, and best edging session

On my 6th session, I really made an effort to have no schedule near this session so I didn’t have my mind occupied with what I needed to do after. I was really determined to take it easy, enjoy the entire process, and see if I could decide to orgasm rather than accidentally tipping over the edge this time. And it was a huge success!

edging with orgasm

Session length: 27m 7s

Orgasm length (highlighted in purple): 47s

Number of plateaus (highlighted in orange): 11

With the 11 plateaus and getting close to orgasm, my orgasm ended up being over 2x the length and it felt like a huge release in my body, more satisfying than my typical sessions! Most interestingly, as you can see the orange highlights towards the end of the session, they started having VERY high pelvic floor contractions, way higher than even the orgasm. I was definitely feeling very high arousal and edged to the maximum by that point.

Here’s the zoom-in to that last few plateaus and orgasm.

edging with orgasm zoomed in

Honestly, this was such a fun 2-week experiment to try and I can confidently say, edging definitely lives up to its hype. I know for a lot of people, my final session being only 30 minutes long probably doesn’t feel like it’s long at all, but for me that’s about 15x longer than my typical sessions. It felt quite long! But, I hear y’all and I love a good challenge. I’ll be working on having an hour long edging session and report back one of these days. Until then, happy edging!

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