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What Are Smart Sex Toys?

lioness smart vibrator

Smart sex toys are just like humans: there are many ways sex toys can be smart.

“Smart” is a pretty dumb term to describe these fascinating products though because it doesn’t really describe what these products actually do. Smart can mean different things to different people.

The easiest way I can define smart sex toys is this: they’re products used for sexthat have some sort of technological capability beyond just being a thing that stimulates. People might seek out smart sex toys to try something new, connect with a partner far away, or experience a fantasy in ways they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

Smart sex toys can open up a world of new possibilities for pleasure and learning about your own body. I’ll go over some of the types of smart sex toys that are out there as well as some of the brands I recommend for different types of experiences.

Types of Smart Sex Toys

Currently, there are three main types of smart sex toys on the market. Some products can do more than one of these things.

Remote Control Sex Toys

Kind of self-explanatory — remote control sex toys are typically vibrators that can be operated with a remote, an app on your phone, or even through platforms on camming sites.

Some vibrators have local remote control capabilities where you’re limited to a span of a room (basically, the people need to be together) while other vibrators can be controlled via wifi so that someone can be controlling the vibrator from far away, which is especially great for couples who are long distance.

Virtual Reality (VR) Sex Toys

Some sex toys, typically penis vibrators/strokers, can connect and sync to VR pornography content so that you can be more fully immersed in a fantasy instead of just watching it on a 2D screen.

AI Sex Toys

Similar to how “smart” is a broad term that doesn’t necessarily describe things very well, “AI sex toys” doesn’t adequately describe the different potential applications of AI in sextech.

AI can be used to help determine different settings or techniques that a sex toy uses, or with additional biofeedback technology, it can be used to help visualize physiological arousal and orgasm. It can help make experiences more pleasurable for people, tailor experiences to an individual’s preferences, or open up new ways of exploring one’s sexuality that did not exist before.

Biofeedback Sex Toys

A subset of AI sex toys that use an advanced suite of sensors that can use data from the body to enhance a user’s experience — whether it’s to visualize data afterwards similar to a health tracker, or visualize data in the moment to show a person’s response to an experience in real time.

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Smart Sex Toys to Try

Remote Control: Lovense

Photo Credit: Lovense

Lovense is the primary brand that specializes in remote control sex toys. They’re designed for both long distance couples as well as synced to many camming platforms as a way for viewers to interact with performers while also opening up a new revenue stream for performers.


AI / Biofeedback: Lioness


While Lioness looks like a typical dual stimulator vibrator at first glance, its technology is equivalent to an early smartphone and is equipped with a suite of sensors to visualize your own, unique arousal and orgasm.

You can see your own session after the fact (or in real-time using the Live View feature), and there’s an AI-driven “Hotspot Algorithm” based on over 100,000 anonymized, aggregate user sessions to help visualize peak moments of arousal and orgasm — which can be very helpful if you have longer sessions or have difficulty finding where you came close. It’s a great tool for learning more about your body, trying new things to see how it affects your pleasure, and nerding out over your (or your partner’s) pleasure.


AI: Autoblow

Autoblow Ai

Photo Credit: Autoblow

Autoblow AI is a penis stroker that has 10 different blowjob settings based on researching blowjobs in videos. 9 are preprogrammed content while the 10th mixes up the 9 programs at random so you never have the same experience twice. If you want a blowjob that’s similar to what you see in your favorite videos, this may be one product to do some further research on. 

VR connectivity: Kiiroo

Photo Credit: Kiiroo

Kiiroo specializes in creating sex toys that connect to VR pornography content, so if you’re looking for an immersive fantasy this is the brand to check out!

What smart sex toy will you try?

There are many ways to explore your sexuality — the only limitation is your curiosity and willingness to try new things! Hopefully this primer helped open up some possibilities that will pique your interest.

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