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Anal Orgasms Are Real: Here's Proof And How To Have One

Photo by Deon Black on Unsplash

Whether you’ve had an anal orgasm, or just want to know how to do it, I’ve got you covered.

In fact, when it comes to whether or not anal orgasms are real, the proof is in the pudding—pun TOTALLY intended.

What are anal orgasms?

Anal orgasms are the involuntary, rhythmic muscle contractions that a person experiences while penetrating or applying stimulation around their anus.

In fact, the rhythmic muscle contractions are the same whether it’s an anal, vaginal, penis, clitoral orgasm… or pretty much any orgasm!

Just like any other type of orgasm, whether or not a person can have an anal orgasm will be specific to them. The best orgasm is the one you enjoy. Orgasms are not pokemon—you don’t need to catch ‘em all.

The key to figuring out whether you can have anal orgasms (or even enjoy them) is to explore!

How to have an anal orgasm

The first great thing about anal is that almost everyone has a butthole so almost anyone can explore anal sex. The second great thing about anal is there are SO many ways to play.

Here are some quick tips for how to have an anal orgasm (or just have fun while trying!):

Choose Your Anal Penetration Player

Anal sex (much like other forms of sex) does not require a human penis to penetrate a human butthole. In fact, there are so many options for anal sex that you could even try this on your own during masturbation.

Here are just a few ways you can try anal sex:

  • Use your finger(s) while you masturbate
  • Have a partner insert their finger or an (anal safe) toy while they give you oral
  • Try a butt plug!
  • Get a strap on and let someone peg you
  • Try DP with your Lioness!

    Don’t Forget the Lube

    If you’ve read literally any of our guides, you know we’re big advocates for sex lube. With anal, that advocacy comes three times harder (see what I did there?).

    Without lube during anal sex, you risk tearing, cuts, and just awful sensations. Now, if you’re into pain, that’s up to you. If it’s your first time, however, don’t skimp on the lube. After all, the anus does not self lubricate and that’s one more reason to buy yourself some nice lube.

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    Get Aroused!

    We cover this a bit more in detail in our blog How to Have Butt Sex, but the idea is simple. The more aroused you are, the easier it’s going to be to put something inside a part of your body that is made for things to come out!

    Take our word for it, and don’t go straight for the ass.

    Try Again—And In Different Ways

    Now, this is a highly personal choice! I am not saying “convince your partner to try again.” That would be coercion and their no means no if that’s what they tell you.

    What I am saying is, as an individual, it’s not a bad idea to consider doing something more than once or trying it a different way.

    Anal is not impervious to the flops and failures and awkward moments of all the other types of sex. As you learn what you like and you don’t like, some things may feel better than others. If you find that a plug is just too uncomfortable, consider scaling and trying a finger! If anal beads don’t fill you up enough, go ahead and give that dildo a chance!

    Anal Orgasms for Men & People AMAB

    If you’ve ever wondered why anal feels good for men and people AMAB, look no further than the prostate!

    If you’re not sure what the prostate does, check out this snippet from our Comprehensive Guide to Pegging:

    “Anatomically speaking, the prostate is the MVP during [anal]. Measuring at about the size of a walnut, the prostate’s main function is to help push semen out of the penis. (Read: ejaculate.)

    When a person with a penis is penetrated anally, the prostate receives all the good feelings from direct stimulation. “While the prostate is involved in forming part of the ejaculate (as detailed above) it is also involved in ejaculation per se as its fibromuscular covering containing smooth muscle contracts clonically under its adrenergic innervation²,” says Levin.

    In other words, even though the prostate’s job is to aid in ejaculation, it is also covered by tissue that physically contracts. (Read: orgasm.)”

    So whether you’re using a finger, toy, or penis, anally penetrating someone with a penis is going to feel good because of the prostate being stimulated.

    ripe peach
    Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

    Anal Orgasms for Women & People AFAB

    So if men and people AMAB have a prostate that makes anal feel good, why does anal feel good for women and people AFAB?

    To be honest, there’s not as clear-cut an answer as there is with penis-having folks with prostates. Why? Because there’s no proof that female prostates even exist. In fact, some people think when we talk about “female prostates” we’re actually just talking about the g-spot. (I know, I know. Why can’t they just figure it out, right?)

    Now, whether the g-spot is being stimulated through anal play may also be up for debate, one other plausible theory is that the internal anatomy of the clitoris is actually being stimulated during anal! Because the clitoris can be found deeper in the body, it is possible that anal penetration can offer some stimulation there.

    How are anal orgasms different from vaginal orgasms?

    To be honest, they’re not all that different—at least not as far as we can tell using data from Lioness users. Let’s take a look at what we’ve learned using the world’s smartest vibrator:

    Anal Orgasms Work Like Vaginal Orgasms: In her blog The Battle of Male Orgasms vs Female Orgasms, Anna compares her own vaginal orgasm data to a cisgender male’s anal orgasm data.

    The results? “There is a rhythmic pelvic floor movement of consistent contraction and relaxation for both the male anal and female vaginal data.” This is because the same pelvic floor muscles are at work and move at the same rhythmic pace (1-2 hz) regardless of where the stimulation came from, whether it was vaginal, anal, clitoral, other erogenous areas, or some combination of stimulation.

    Screenshot of Anna's Vaginal Orgasm

    Screenshot of Cisgender Male Anal Orgasm

    Another Lioness user also noted that their "anal orgasm graph looks almost exactly like my vaginal ones." The main difference users will see between vaginal and anal orgasms is that the anal orgasms will more likely exert more force. This is because of where the Lioness Vibrator is measuring from — when tracked from the anus it will pick up force data from the anal spinster as well as the pelvic floor muscles.

    Lioness User anal orgasm

    Anal Orgasms Can Be Experienced Differently Than Other Orgasms: While the anatomical function of an orgasm may be similar between the anus and the vagina, we’ve also seen proof that anal orgasms can be experienced differently.

    One Lioness user shared their anal and vaginal data to show that despite their orgasm pattern being the same (Ocean wave), the way they experienced them was different.

    Check out their graphs below, taking note of the obvious “drop” before their vaginal orgasm and a lack thereof with their anal orgasm:

    Lioness user's dropped ocean wave vaginal orgasm
    Same Lioness user's ocean wave anal orgasm without a drop

    Go forth and explore!

    When it comes down to it, the anus is just another erogenous zone on the body. With plenty of nerve endings that may just feel good to touch, it’s worth considering adding it into your own sexual rotation.

    If getting down to the anatomy of your body helps you make a choice for why you do or don’t want to try it, that’s great! But if you’re less interested in explanations and more interested in explorations, get down with your bad self!

    At the end of the day, the fact remains that anal orgasms exist and all you really need is a butthole and an open mind to see if you can have them!

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