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7 Best Lesbian Sex Positions To Elevate Your Sex Life

by: Lindsay Curtis

Lesbians have greatsex, and we have the data to prove it. Research published in the journal Archives of Sexual Nature found that while straight people have sex more often, lesbians report having far more orgasms — 86 percent of the time — compared to their heterosexual counterparts, who orgasm only 65 percent of the time.

But how do we have this earth-shattering, orgasm-giving sex? It’s not justabout oral sex— though there’s plenty of that, too. To avoid the dreaded “lesbian bed death” thought to come with long-term relationships, lesbians have to get more creative with our sex positions to keep things exciting.

Whether you’ve been together for 2 months or 20 years, here are some of the best lesbian sex positions you can incorporate into your sex life to keep the passion flowing.

7 Best Lesbian Sex Positions to Rock Her World

lesbian 69 sex position


The sixty-nine position is a classic favorite because it makes both partners’ pleasure a priority at the same time. One partner lays on her back, and the other lays on top of her, facing her partner’s feet so that both of your mouths can reach each other’s genitals. To mix things up, try the side-lying 69. This is generally easier on the body, and frees up your hands for exploring more of your partner’s body.

scissor lesbian sex position


“Scissoring” is a form of tribbing that involves two women rubbing their vulvas together with interlocked legs in a “scissor”-like position. In theory, scissoring is hot and sexy, but sometimes it’s downright comical trying to get the position right for both partners. This position is more attainable if both you and your partner are flexible.

*Tip*: Approach scissoring with a sense of humor — twisting your body in various ways to hit the right spot for both of you can be a challenge! Scissoring is hard work, but when you get it right, gliding your own wet clit along your partner’s can be a mind-blowing, pleasurable experience.

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Lesbian playing missionary position

Missionary (with penetration):

With one partner wearing a strap-on and the other lying on her back, the missionary position can increase your intimacy and closeness during sex. “There’s something about penetrating my partner while I wear the strap-on that makes me feel closer to her,” says Beth H. “I can look into her eyes, kiss her, and feel her breasts pressed up against mine, and it’s a major turn-on for me.” You can incorporate nipple play or use vibrators for clitoral stimulation while engaging in strap-on sex in the missionary position.

Dog and cat playing funny

Face sitting:

This one is exactly as it sounds: one partner is lying on her back while the other sits on her face (being careful not to cover her nose!) while holding on to something for balance. You can turn around and face your partner’s feet to offer new angles and change up the sensations on your clit. Bonus: if you’re facing your partner’s feet while face-sitting, you can lean over to play with her clit or finger her.

Spooning lesbians


Big spoon or little spoon? Spooning isn’t just for cuddling! You can have the closeness and warmth of spooning and have sex, too! In the spooning position, the “big spoon” will reach around and fondle, caress and/or penetrate her partner. If you enjoy deep penetration, this position is particularly pleasurable.

Lesbian playing

Face to face:

Sitting face to face with your partner, wrap your legs around each other’s bodies until you’re both in a comfortable sitting position. There are a number of things you can do in this position, including rubbing each other’s clitoris, nipple play, or engaging in penetrative sex with your fingers or a double-headed dildo at the same time. This position is great for holding eye contact and making out, increasing your intimacy.

Samantha, sex in the city, being a good self-explorer and masturbating

Mutual masturbation:

Few things are as hot as watching your partner pleasuring herself. Not only is it a major turn-on, but it gives you an idea of what she likes, her sensitive spots, and what works to get her off. You can engage in mutual masturbation in any position that works for both of you, and there are a number of sex toys available to use in your mutual masturbation sessions.

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