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Is Morning Sex Really Better? Sex Tips For Night Owls

two people laying in bed kissing
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

By Leo Aquino

Ever wonder why your partner’s disheveled hair, dried-up drool, morning breath, and light snore still turn you on in the morning? If you’re single, ever wonder why you need to reach for your favorite dildo at 7 am like clockwork?

You’re probably one of the very many people who prefer morning sex. Orgasms before breakfast? Hell yes. Plus, morning sex has added benefits like an extra boost of confidence and glowy orgasm-kissed skin throughout the day, just to name a few.

If you’re wondering whether or not morning sex is for you, here’s the sign you’ve been waiting for: You deserve to start your day with mind-blowing orgasmic pleasure.

Maybe you have fantasies of riding your partner’s morning wood all the way to O-Town, but your kids’ routines keep getting in the way. Or maybe, you’re simply not in the mood when you wake up, but your partner is always raring to go. We’ve got the science, tips, and tricks behind morning sex to turn any skeptic into an Early Orgasm Believer. 

The Science Behind Morning Sex

Estrogen and testosterone are two hormones associated with sexual desire, and we experience higher levels of both hormones early in the morning.

For people assigned male at birth (AMAB), your testosterone fairies are putting in work late at night. Testosterone levels follow a circadian rhythm, which means that most testosterone production happens while AMAB folx are sleeping. In the morning, you’ll experience your highest concentration of testosterone in the bloodstream all day, which leads to higher levels of arousal. Morning wood makes so much sense now.

For people assigned female at birth (AFAB), estrogen follows a similar circadian rhythm and peaks in the morning, causing increased blood flow to the vaginal walls during the REM stage of sleep and more vaginal lubrication. Arousal comes easily to AFAB folx during the morning because of this boost in estrogen.

However, a 2018 study claims that 63% of women never have morning sex, though data for non-women with vaginas are not included in the study. Some magazines have speculated that AFAB arousal is more likely to be affected by environmental factors than hormones.

Neuroscientist and sex therapist Dr. Nan Wise shares with Lioness Sex Guides, “Yes, testosterone peaks at 8 a.m., but the hormone fluctuations are less important than we think. Otherwise, we’d all be getting it on in the morning.”

Dr. Wise suggests that AFAB ovulation cycle might affect arousal more than daily sex hormone cycles. She adds, “It also depends on whether or not you’re an early bird, a night owl, or an afternoon lark, and what times of day your partner is most active. Personal preference matters more than hormones.”

Health benefits of morning sex

Morning sex has all of the benefits of regular sex, before you’ve even had breakfast. Here are some ways that morning sex can improve your mood throughout the day:

1. Morning sex counts as a workout.

A morning workout that includes an orgasm? Sounds like heaven. A study published in scientific journal PLOS One states that sex can burn up to four calories per minute, depending on how vigorous the sex is.

2. Morning sex relieves stress by lowering cortisol levels.

Sexual arousal is amazing at combating the stress hormone cortisol, which can lead to improved mood and clearer brain function throughout the day.

3. Morning sex strengthens intimacy by releasing oxytocin.

Also known as the cuddle hormone, oxytocin is released by cuddling, kissing, sexual arousal and anal or vaginal penetration. Oxytocin also regulates appetite, making you feel full and satisfied throughout the day. The hormones released during morning sex can make you feel more connected to your partner.

4. Morning sex gives you an extra boost of confidence.

Sex is really good for your self-esteem, and mornings are the perfect time for that little ego boost.

5. Morning sex is great for your skin.

Since sex is a workout, it can improve blood circulation that leads to supple, glowing skin for the rest of the day.

    two masculin folks in bed kissing
    Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

    How to Have Morning Sex

    Ready to reap the many rewards of adding morning sex to your routine? Here’s a few ways to get started:

    1. Schedule Sex

    Scheduling sex might sound corny and totally unsexy, but according to Bustle, 45% of people schedule sex because of their busy lifestyles. Ask your partner(s) if they’re willing to wake up a little bit earlier before tending to your kids’ morning routines, or move your morning meetings to the afternoon.

    For solo morning sex, try making a quick list of all the things you’d like to do in the morning. It can look like this: 20 minutes of yoga, breakfast, then a short walk before opening your emails. Try squeezing in a quick 5 minutes before or after yoga to rub one out. Adding an orgasm to your morning routine can work wonders.

    2. Set Your Alarm Earlier

    Start gradually by setting your alarm 5 minutes earlier. Gently nudge your partner awake and start whispering sultry suggestions in their ear to get them in the mood. A quickie might do the trick the first time around, but you might find the joys of morning sex to be addicting.

    A few days later, try setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier. A few days after that, go for 15, and so on, until you get in the habit of making space for intimacy first thing in the morning.

    3. Try Different Sex Positions

    If you’re skeptical about having sex in the morning, it may help you to come prepared with a few positions that are quick, easy, and simple. Morning sex isn’t necessarily the time to bust out all of your kink gear (but if that’s what you’re into, more power to you!). It’s best to keep things as simple as possible because you don’t have all morning to get it on.

    Here are some positions to consider for morning sex:

    • Doggy style is a great position for those who may be worried about morning breath.
    • Spooning sex is great for lazy couples who aren’t quite ready to get up out of bed yet. If you’re the partner receiving penetration, nuzzle yourself in your partner’s arms and let them penetrate you from that cuddle position.
    • Missionary position is great for couples where the penetrating partner isn’t up for a workout so early in the morning, but is definitely down for a trip to pleasure town.
    • Riding your partner is a great way to get that morning workout in and boost your mood and energy levels.
    • Oral sex is another great position for couples who don’t see eye to eye on how much effort they want to put into morning sex. The partner who’s feeling a bit lazy can lay back and receive, while the partner who initiated morning sex can still get their fix. Solo morning sex masturbators can use sex toys in any of the positions listed above to suit their needs for that day and their motivation. Laying in missionary position is a good place to start if you don’t feel like putting in a ton of effort, but you might find yourself gradually opening your legs a little wider. You might even be inspired to get on all fours and plunge your vibrator even deeper inside of you in doggy style once you really get going.  

    4. Be Prepared

    Motivating a sleepy partner to join you in morning sex is hard enough. Imagine finding a condom, figuring out the right kind of lube, or washing your vibrator on top of all of that.

    Set yourself up for success by cleaning your sex toys the night before and by stocking up on lube and condoms in your nightstand. If you’re an AFAB person who squirts or creams all over the sheets, you might want to keep some extra towels handy for clean-up afterwards.

    If you’re up against hectic family or work schedules, you can prepare yourself by planning a simple breakfast for the family like cereal and fruit, moving your morning meetings to a later time if you’re able to, or preparing your work outfit the night before to save extra time while getting ready for work.

    5. Get Creative

    Morning sex doesn’t need to be vanilla sex. You can try having morning sex in the shower or in a different part of the house. If your partner is feeling super lazy and doesn’t want to join you for morning sex, ask them if they want to watch you masturbate instead. They might get so turned on hearing you cum over and over again that they’ll want to jump in after all.

    6. Try Different Times of the Day

    Still not sold on morning sex? “Morning” is actually a pretty vast scope of time! You might wake up at 3 a.m. to pee, but then suddenly feel the urge to masturbate. If you and your partner both work from home, your lunch hour might be an ideal time to get a quickie on the books in between meetings. You might have an easier time getting in the mood once all the kids have been fed and dropped off at school.

    Morning sex may or may not work for you, but there’s nothing wrong with starting your day prioritizing pleasure of any kind. Let morning sex inspire you to add more simple pleasures to your morning routine.

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