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What You Need to Know About Weed Lube Before Trying It

Hands pouring out liquid from a bottle

You heard about this magical thing called "weed lube" that makes orgasms feel amazing — and you need it now.

But first, you need to do your research — is it for real? Will it make me high or get me in trouble if I need to take a drug test? Where do I get this magical concoction? And most importantly, is it worth it?

As someone who's been working in the Sextech industry for nearly a decade building a smart, data-driven vibrator, we've investigated the effects of THC and CBD on sex and orgasms at length, even conducting additional user research with others who have their own Lioness Vibrator to see how different amounts and types of THC and CBD affect them. After all, everyone is different and results may vary.

As a result of hundreds of hours of research over the years, we've developed a comprehensive FAQ on how weed lube works, what to expect, and a few of our favorite picks!

Table of Contents

  • How does THC lube feel?
  • Will cannabis lube make me high?
  • How do I apply weed lube?
  • What's the difference between weed lube and CBD lube?
  • Is weed lube latex safe?
  • Can weed lube be used on a penis?
  • Will it get picked up in a drug test?
  • Can I use THC lube if I'm pregnant?
  • Can I use THC lube if I'm breastfeeding?
  • Where can I purchase cannabis lube? Can I buy it online or on Amazon?
  • Is weed lube worth it?
  • What is the best cannabis lube?

    How does THC lube feel?

    Effects will vary from person to person, the specific product you're using, and the amount you use. You won't get a psychoactive high (except for a few edge cases that we'll note in the next section). It will likely take some time (15-20 minutes+) to notice any effects, but some of our participants noted that they felt:
    • More relaxed
    • Tingly sensations
    • Higher, stronger, or prolonged arousal
    • Longer, stronger, and/or multiple orgasms

    If you want to see two different experiences from using THC lube, you can check out:

    • My co-founder Anna's review here where she documented experiencing longer-lasting orgasms.
    • My review here for a case where I experienced multiple orgasms, which aren't common for me.

    Will cannabis lube make me high?

    Unlike CBD-only lube which will definitely not make you high, for a few folks who are particularly sensitive to THC or take a large dose, it is possible to feel a little bit of a high. It will likely be nothing like the psychoactive high you'd experience from smoking, vaping, or ingesting cannabis, however, so don't expect to be craving the munchies or being couch locked. Many people don't feel any psychoactive high at all (but they might feel very aroused!).

    One more thing — you will absolutely get a psychoactive high if you ingest cannabis lube. Take heed from one curious, misguided stoner who drank an entire bottle of weed lube and was high for three days (seriously, I can't make this up). So if you are using this during oral sex, the person giving the oral sex absolutely needs to be aware of this and either do oral sex before the THC is applied or expect a little bit of a high.

    On the plus side, most weed lubes are edible if they're coconut-based, but still, you might be feeling out of it and awful, which is not a fun, sexy time.


    How do I apply weed lube?

    Here are the instructions in a nutshell: you apply it to your vulva, inside the vagina, and/or anus, and then wait upwards of 15-20 minutes — sometimes a bit longer depending on how long it takes for your body to be affected by the ingredients.

    Although it's called a lube, weed lube doesn't work like a typical lubricant where you can use it and get going pronto. If you're familiar with cannabis products, the time it takes to go into effect is more like an edible, where your body needs some time to process it for the ingredients to active in your body. [1]

    If you try to use some and expect to see fireworks instantly, sorry to burst your bubble (or orgasm), but biology won't be on your side. Put some clothes back on, read a sexy story, and give yourself some much needed "me time."

    Regular masturbation orgasm session - no pot lubeForia masturbation session - with pot lube
    Graph 1: Sober session, Graph 2: Session using Foria Pleasure THC lube.
    Measuring pelvic floor patterns of orgasm using the
    Lioness Smart Vibrator.

    What's the difference between weed lube and CBD lube?

    They're pretty different. Weed lube usually contains a mix of THC and CBD. CBD lube only contains CBD — and it's usually CBD derived from hemp or hempseed, which is grown specifically with very-very-low (< 0.3% in the United States), negligible amounts of THC to be legal.

    Although CBD and THC can both be found in cannabis, they're different chemicals with different effects on the body. THC is the ingredient that makes you feel high, while CBD tends to make you feel more relaxed. (check out this article if you want more info on the differences on THC and CBD generally)

    That's nice, but what does that mean for me?

    Put simply, weed lube may feel like riding Space Mountain at Disneyland. CBD lube may feel like riding It's a Small World After All. If that sounds like your jam, you can check out our CBD lube guide here and compare! My co-founder Anna also documented her experience with Foria's CBD lube here.

    More seriously — cannabis lube contains THC, one of the primary ingredients involved in making you high. From our review of Foria and Quim, we've found that THC seems to have more obvious physiological effects on pleasure and is more likely to result in more intense, multiple orgasms.

    CBD can create feelings of relaxation, decrease anxiety, and potentially improve sexual experiences through those means. Some people who have experienced painful sex have reported benefitting from using CBD lube. These effects seem to be more subtle than getting “baked” though.

    The major upside of CBD-only products is that they are available to purchase outside of a licensed dispensary—you can even buy it online! So it's much easier to get started with trying CBD lube, especially if you're in a state where cannabis is not legal.

    Click here to read the practical guide to CBD lubes.

    Condom Cucumber

    Is weed lube latex safe?

    If you use latex protection during sex, it's a bad idea to mix coconut-based lubes because it can degrade and break condoms and other latex protection, which could make you and your partner susceptible to STIs and/or unintended pregnancy.

    In this case, water-based lubes are the way to go to avoid this. If you're not sure if the lube you're looking at is coconut-based or water-based, ask the company or your local budtender to be certain.


    Can weed lube be used on penises?

    "Can a guy use weed lube?" We get this question a lot from men who also are also curious to try weed lube — though to expand it to more people, this question generally means “can someone with a penis use cannabis lube?”

    The answer is yes — if you use it anally. Weed lube won't work if you apply it on the penis. Lubes won’t have as much effect on the skin of the penis because it is far less absorbent than the vagina and vulva. However, like the vagina, the rectum is extremely capable of absorbing different ingredients — CBD and THC included. Foria makes suppositories that are either CBD or both THC and CBD that are perfect for using anally.

    Will weed lube get picked up in a drug test?

    The Drug Policy Alliance hasan article that goes into much more depth on the topic in terms of the different types of topical products, types of tests administered, and which tests may more likely pick up on trace amounts of THC.

    In general, THC levels in topical products tend to be much lower than if you are smoking or ingesting THC, so it's a lot less likely to be in the blood stream in significant amounts. That being said, there are certain topical products (e.g. transdermal patches) that may have ingredients to make it easier for THC and other compounds to enter the bloodstream and be picked up in certain tests. The safest option is to abstain from using products, though if you use it in ways that are non-recreational, the above article can give you the low down on factors to consider.

    Pregnancy Belly

    Can I use THC lube if I'm pregnant?

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) strongly advises against the use of all CBD and THC products during pregnancy. Unfortunately because both cannabis and CBD have been considered illegal substances in most countries for most of modern history, research on how THC and CBD can affect a developing fetus or a baby who is breastfed are still very limited. [2]

    More research needs to be conducted, especially with the newer THC and CBD products on the market that can be differently formulated than products used before medicinal and recreational legality, and also compared to the limited strains of cannabis that have been used in the limited studies based in the United States.

    Given the lack of information and the potential for THC and CBD to negatively affect development, using cannabis products such as weed lube should not be considered safe during pregnancy.

    Can I use THC lube if I'm breastfeeding?

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that data is inconclusive on whether it is safe to use marijuana or CBD when you are breastfeeding. THC that is in the body is stored in body fat, which is slowly released over time, so the baby could be exposed to unknown amounts of THC for an unknown period of time.

    Similarly with CBD products, depending on the brand you purchase and if you get it from a trustworthy shop, CBD products may contain other ingredients besides CBD that may be dangerous for the parent and the infant.

    Like during pregnancy, given the lack of information and research on the topic, the CDC gives the recommendation to abstain from using THC and CBD products while breastfeeding.

    Cannabis Dispensary

    Where can I purchase cannabis lube? Can I buy it online or on Amazon?

    In the United States, the only place you can find and purchase any cannabis products is at a licensed physical cannabis dispensary or a licensed online/delivery dispensary. You won't find a legal, trustworthy product listing for weed lube on Amazon or elsewhere online, so for the sake of your dear vagina, vulva and/or anus, don't do it! Even if you find a listing it may be dubious and not be selling what you'd hope for it to be, and your body deserves better than that.

    Foria weed lube

    Is weed lube worth it?

    If, after reading this guide, you're still curious to try it, weed lube can be a great way to change up your pleasure routine. Some products, like Foria, offer mini portions of THC lube at online and in-person dispensaries, so if you want to try a little bit and not pay too much upfront, that could be a good way to try it out and see if it's something you might enjoy.

    If nothing else, paying a bit more attention to yourself or someone you adore now and then is never a bad thing!

    What are the best cannabis lubes?

    All of the products below are available in California and we have tried personally and have used in research projects for Lioness with great feedback. Each of these brands have their own CBD-equivalent products that you can find nationwide in the United States and possibly beyond depending on your country's regulations on hemp-based CBD.

    If you are based outside of California and these aren't available to you, in general, we recommend trying to find a product marked specifically as lubricant when shopping for THC lube. Many budtenders recommend massage oils if their dispensary does not sell lubricants. While some of these can work as lubes, some massage oils contain other ingredients that may be less friendly when interacting with a vulva, vagina, or anus. Check out the ingredients used in the below products and keep them in mind when looking at massage oils, should THC lube not be easily available to you. Also, you can always make your own THC lube if you can't find any substitute!

    Out of the ones we've tried, our favorites on the market are Foria Pleasure (Anna's favorite), Quim (my favorite — especially their water-based Oh Yes! Latex-Safe Serum), and Kush Queen's Water-based THC lubricant (also my favorite, and I've experienced faster sessions with this!). For people who prefer the suppository method I mentioned (perfect for using anally or vaginally) I recommend Foria Explore, a THC suppository.

    Foria Pleasure
    Foria Pleasure

    Condom/latex safe? No (oil-based)

    Volume: 5ml-30ml bottles

    Total THC-to-CBD: 75mg THC — 0mg CBD (5ml), 450mg THC — 0mg CBD (30ml)

    Store Finder

    Quim Latex friendly serum

    Quim Oh Yes! Latex-Safe Serum

    Condom/latex safe? Yes

    Volume: 50ml

    Total THC-to-CBD: 160.8mg THC — 0mg CBD

    Store Finder

    Kush Queen THC Lube
    Kush Queen

    Condom/latex safe? Yes

    Volume: 30ml bottle

    Amount of CBD: 30mg THC

    Store Finder

    Foria Explore
    Foria Explore

    Condom/latex safe? No (oil-based)

    Amount of CBD: 30mg THC — 20mg CBD per suppository

    Amount: 6 suppositories per box

    Store Finder



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    [2] Kimberly S. Grant et al. (2018). Cannabis use during pregnancy: Pharmacokinetics and effects on child development. DOI:

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