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A practical guide to weed lube

So, you read about cannabis-infused lubes and CBD lubes (including our own review, with orgasm data, using the Lioness Smart Vibrator!) and their magical effect on sex. So... is this for real?

Will weed lube make me high? Where do I find it? What's the difference between weed and CBD lube? And is cannabis lube safe to use in vaginas, or anuses... or any orifice, for that matter?

Here's our comprehensive guide on weed lube — answering all your questions (and more!) as well as sharing other things you may have not thought of before taking your trip down Pleasure Boulevard.


How does weed lube work?

Basically, you apply it to your vulva, vagina, and/or anus, and wait.

One big thing that trips a lot of people up is that cannabis lube doesn't work instantaneously in the same way regular lube does. Regular lube makes you slick as soon as you use it.

But cannabis lube isn't just about literal lubrication. Your body needs time to absorb and activate the ingredients to feel effects. If you try to use one and expect to see fireworks instantly, sorry y'all, biology won't be on your side. Put your pants back on, read a sexy story, and give yourself a bit of time.

Some of these lubes try to explain it by describing themselves as a "pre-lube" that takes at least 15-30 minutes to kick into effect... Though even that timing depends on the individual—some people report taking an hour or more for the full effects to be realized.


Will cannabis lube make me high?

Versus CBD-only lube which definitely will not make you high, it is possible (though not guaranteed) to experience a high from cannabis lube. Some people report a feeling of a mild high while others don't notice anything at all.

The probability of feeling any high depends on factors like how much you use, the proportion of THC in the lube, and your own personal body chemistry and tolerance. As mentioned, the effects are pretty minor if there are any, but it will be a more minor feeling versus if you smoked, vaped, or orally consumed cannabis.

One more thing to note — if you have someone who's going down on you after you use cannabis lube, yes, they can get (actually) high from it, since they're consuming the cannabis orally. In that case, the effect on them would be similar to having an edible.

Regular masturbation orgasm session - no pot lubeForia masturbation session - with pot lube
Graph 1: Sober session, Graph 2: Session using Foria Pleasure THC lube.
Measuring pelvic floor patterns of orgasm using the Lioness Smart Vibrator.

What's the difference between weed lube and CBD lube?

They're pretty different. Weed lube usually contains a mix of THC and CBD. CBD lube only contains CBD — and it's usually CBD derived from hemp or hempseed, which is grown specifically without THC (to be legal).

Although CBD and THC can both be found in cannabis, they're different chemicals with different effects on the body. THC is the ingredient that makes you feel high, while CBD tends to make you feel more relaxed. (read this article if you want more info on the differences)

That's nice, but what does that mean for me?

Put simply, weed lube may feel like riding Space Mountain at Disneyland. CBD lube may feel like riding Small World.

More seriously — cannabis lube contains THC, one of the primary ingredients involved in making you high. From our (very limited) case studies, we've found that THC seems to have more obvious physiological effects on pleasure and is more likely to result in more intense, multiple orgasms.

CBD can create feelings of relaxation, decrease anxiety, and potentially improve sexual experiences through those means. Some people who have experienced painful sex have reported benefitting from using CBD lube. These effects seem to be more subtle than getting “baked” though.

The upside of CBD-only products is that they are available to purchase anywhere outside of a dispensary—in various stores both online and IRL—so they're much easier to try out pretty much no matter where you are.

Click here to read the practical guide to CBD lubes.

Condom Cucumber

Is weed lube latex safe?

Some marijuana lubricants are safe to use with latex, but not all of them. If you need it to be latex-compatible, do not purchase one that is oil-based as that can degrade and break condoms, which could make you and your partner susceptible to STIs or an unintended pregnancy. Water-based lubes are the way to go here, and if you're not sure, don't hesitate to ask the company or your local budtender to be certain.


“Can a guy use weed lube?”

We get this question a lot — presumably this question means “can someone with a penis use cannabis lube?”

The answer is yes—ideally if you get it in the rectum. Lubes won’t have as much effect on the skin of the penis because it is far less absorbent than the vagina and vulva. However, like the vagina, the rectum is extremely capable of absorbing different ingredients — CBD and THC included. Foria makes CBD and THC suppositories that are perfect for this.

Cannabis Dispensary

Where can I find cannabis lube?

In the United States, the only place you can find and purchase any cannabis products is at a cannabis dispensary. It is not legal to sell cannabis products outside of authorized cannabis dispensaries or delivery services. Laws vary for cannabis depending on the state — some states have recreational cannabis while others only have medicinal (as in, you need a card from a doctor to purchase and consume cannabis).

Foria weed lube

What is the best cannabis lube?

Several cannabis lubes available on the market are Foria Pleasure, Quim's Latex-Safe Serum and Night Moves Oil, Kiskanu Intimate Oil, and Velvet Swing. Foria also produces Explore, a THC suppository that can be used vaginally or anally.

Foria Pleasure
Foria Pleasure

Condom/latex safe? No (oil-based)

Volume: 5ml-30ml bottles

Total THC-to-CBD: 75mg THC — 0mg CBD (5ml), 450mg THC — 0mg CBD (30ml)

Store Finder

Quim Latex friendly serum

Quim Oh Yes! Latex-Safe Serum

Condom/latex safe? Yes

Volume: 50ml

Total THC-to-CBD: 160.8mg THC — 0mg CBD

Store Finder

Quim night moves

Quim Night Moves Intimate Oil

Condom/latex safe? No (oil-based)

Volume: 50ml

Total THC-to-CBD: 181.6mg THC — 5.8mg CBD

Store Finder

Kiskanu Intimacy Oil

Kiskanu Intimacy Oil

Condom/latex safe? No (oil-based)

Volume: 30ml or 5ml

Total THC-to-CBD: 150mg THC — 25mg CBD (30ml)

Store Finder

Foria Explore
Foria Explore

Condom/latex safe? No (oil-based)

Amount of CBD: 30mg THC — 20mg CBD per suppository

Amount: 6 suppositories per box

Store Finder

Velvet Swing

Velvet Swing

Condom/latex safe? Yes

Volume: 13ml bottle

Amount of CBD: 100mg THC — 33mg CBD

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