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5 best coconut oils you can use as sex lubricants

Coconut by the water

Coconut oil is all the rage these days. You can get it at most grocery stores, you can get it in giant tubs, and you can use it for everything from cooking to skin moisturizer to hair conditioner. So why not use it for sex, too?

Is coconut oil safe to use as lube?

Yes, and no. It depends—read on!

When to not use coconut oil:

  • If you use latex condoms—it can weaken the material and cause it to break.
  • If you’re prone to infections such as vaginal yeast infections, you may want to tread carefully or try other options such as water-based or silicone-based lubricants. Coconut oil is antibacterial and antifungal, so in some cases there is a potential that it can disrupt your pH or good bacteria and cause infections.

Why you should consider coconut oil:

  • If you are experiencing dryness or painful sex—a little bit of coconut oil can last a long time and can be very moisturizing for your body.
  • If you are looking for something that lasts longer than silicone lube—coconut oil can last longer than silicone lube. As an oil is prone to staining stuff though, so be mindful of how much you use to avoid hard-to-clean messes.
Coconuts everywhere
Not all coconut oil is created equal

    What should I look for in a good coconut oil for sex stuff?

    Not all coconut oil is created equal. Some oils use better ingredients and processes than others, and some types of oils are better suited for sex than others.

    Try to find virgin, unrefined, preservative-free coconut oil. Avoid processed, hydrogenated oil or partially hydrogenated oils. Those often use chemical processes that use harsh solvents that may not be great for your vagina or anus, and since this stuff is cheap anyway, you might as well go for something more basic and natural.

    This site goes into a deeper dive into what to look for when choosing coconut oil (in general, not specifically for sex stuff).

    Our top picks

    Island fresh coconut oil

    Island Fresh Superior Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

    This coconut oil is about as natural as you can get and is a great starter portion. You can use it for lube, for cooking, and for moisturizing. At $15 for 52 oz., you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. You can buy here: Amazon $18.

    nutiva coconut oil bulk lube

    Nutiva Organic 128oz

    If you are ready to commit to coconut-everything, get a bucket of coconut oil! This one is USDA organic, non-GMO, virgin, kosher, non-hydrogenated, and no cholesterol. You can buy here: Amazon $33.

    handcraft blends coconut oil

    Fractionated Coconut Oil – 100% Pure & Natural Premium Therapeutic Grade

    If you’re looking for something that is more oil in texture, consider fractionated coconut oil. It goes through a process called fractionation to separate some of the fats so only the oil remains. Basically, it's a process that uses heating to separate some fats from the coconut oil, leaving you with one portion that is more liquid-like (such as the product you see above). You can read more about the process here. If you're interested in this oil, you can buy here: Amazon $14.

    Foria Awaken

    Foria Awaken (CBD lube)

    With CBD products being legal in the United States now, there’s a plethora of CBD-infused products, including CBD lube, that can be shipped to all 50 states. Foria creates coconut oil that is infused with kava, CBD, and other natural ingredients that are good and moisturizing for the vagina while helping your body and muscles relax.

    Although CBD is a byproduct of cannabis, it does not get you high or have psychoactive properties. The CBD in this lube is from hemp, a plant that has an abundance of CBD and is related but not the same as marijuana. If you're curious to learn more about the differences between hemp and marijuana, you can check out Wikileaf's article on the topic.

    If you are curious to learn more, Anna talks more about her experience with CBD lube here (including orgasm data with and without CBD lube, measured with the Lioness smart vibrator). You can buy here: Foria $48.

    Foria weed lube

    Foria Pleasure (THC lube)

    Yes, there is also cannabis-infused lube! The THC from the cannabis is in this lube to provide a different experience. Like with all THC-infused products, this is available only in states where medicinal or recreational marijuana is legal.

    We also have an article from Anna where she talks about her experience with Foria’s THC lube, including orgasm data with and without CBD lube, measured with the Lioness smart vibrator. You can read more about her experience here, including orgasm data with and without the weed lube.

    The THC version of this lube is only available at select medicinal and recreational dispensaries (which you can find here), or you can shop online for their CBD products here.

    A whole new world

    From different textures to coconut oil infused with CBD and/or THC, there is a wide selection of coconut oils out there to try. Try a few, get a sense of what you like, and use some of the extra oil for cooking, lotion, and massage oil. 😉


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