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Lioness Presents: Spicy Science Projects for Adults

When we said never measured, never improved we meant it. Sexperiments are designed to help you find what does (and doesn't) influence your orgasms and arousal. Every month, Lioness users will come together to try and see if their orgasms data changes based on specific techniques, tools, and lifestyle changes.

In other words, we're inviting you to take part in spicy science projects for adults.

Join our community in the sexperiment of the month

Set your hypothesis 

Do "it" for science

Get AI-powered results on your data

Sexperiments will help Lioness users harness the power of their pleasure.

By taking part in these experiments, Lioness users will learn what makes their orgasms feel better, how to explore their body, and to view masturbation as more than just a one-off session.

Current and Upcoming Sexperiments

April: Edging

May: Socks


June: TBD


July: TBD

Ready to Do It for Science?

Lioness Smart Vibrator
Holding Purple Lioness Vibrator with one motor symbol in front of external nub
Lioness Smart Vibrator
Purple Lioness Vibe Unboxing Layout
Lioness Smart Vibrator
Lioness Smart Vibrator
Lioness Smart Vibrator
Lioness Smart Vibrator
Holding Purple Lioness Vibrator with one motor symbol in front of external nub
Lioness Smart Vibrator
Purple Lioness Vibe Unboxing Layout
Lioness Smart Vibrator
Lioness Smart Vibrator
Lioness Smart Vibrator

Lioness Smart Vibrator


World's fonly biofeedback vibrator that gives you orgasm data with built-in sensors and an intuitive mobile app

Long-distance remote control feature included

Visualize your arousal and orgasms to see what factors change your pleasure over time

About Dona Team

At Dona, learning is interactive and collaborative, and peer networking and knowledge sharing are integral to the experience. Our curriculum is developed and taught by top nonprofit and business leaders, content experts and educators who share real-world experience and subject expertise.

Feedback From Our Students

“ I came to Donna for the curation and quality of teaching. Membership is really worth it to me. “

Katrina Ashley

“ I understand that even if the work isn't perfect, it's still a work in progress. I think it's a safe space. “

Freddy Lopez

“ I came to Donna for the curation and quality of teaching. Membership is really worth it to me. “

Katrina Ashley

“ I understand that even if the work isn't perfect, it's still a work in progress. I think it's a safe space. “

Freddy Lopez

Blog Posts

Lioness Smart Vibrator Live View 101
Apr 05, 2024 

Lioness Smart Vibrator Live View 101

Making the Most of Your Remote Control Vibrator During Solo Play

We may be biased, but the Live View Solo Play feature in your Lioness app is one of our faves! 

Developed with exploring your masturbation in real time, this remote control is chock full of features that will make harnessing the power of pleasure simple and seamless as you explore the world of smarter orgasms.

Initiating a Session

To initiate a Live View Solo Play session, open your Lioness app and head to the “Vibe Sync” tab (the one with two arrows in the shape of a circle). From there, click “Live View” and turn your Lioness Smart Vibrator. 

When your phone and vibrator are paired, click “Solo Play.” This will take you to your Live View session. 

During a Live View Session

Once you insert your Lioness Smart Vibrator, you’ll be able to see (and mark!) your data in real time. 

As your pelvic floor contracts, your phone screen will produce two visualizations: 

  1. A pulsating circle that decreases in size with pelvic contractions. The smaller the circle is, the stronger the contraction.

  2. A running graph with peaks and valleys. These peaks and valleys correspond with pelvic contractions, as well as movements of the vibrator/body. 

Live View Controls

At the bottom of your screen, you will see a circle. This is where you can control your motor settings. Tapping the button will allow you to cycle through your Lioness’s preset motor settings, and holding the button down will produce a slider, letting you control the vibration strength between 0 and 100. 

Marking Your O

As you approach climax, mark your orgasm by holding one finger down on the screen.

When you go through your post session survey, you’ll be able to easily convert that marking to an orgasm. 

After Your Live View Session

When you’re done with your Live View session and click, “End Session,” your app will take you to a two-part post-session survey. 

This is where you will rate your session using a star system, add notes, and confirm whether you had an orgasm. Some ideas for notes are: whether you used vibrations, if you were in a certain position, using a certain type of lube or other sex-aid such as porn, etc. 

Keep in mind: these surveys need to be filled out in total if you plan to use them for Sexperiments or as a baseline session

Still Have Questions?

Reach out to our team directly at!

Edging made my orgasms better (and my sessions longer) 😱
Jan 11, 2024 

Edging made my orgasms better (and my sessions longer) 😱

If anyone has ever seen my masturbation data or my personal Pleasure Wrapped before, you might be aware I am a “get it done quickly and efficiently and move on with the day” kind of girl.

My sessions are usually between 2-4pm and last about 1.5-8 minutes maximum. This has worked for me for many years but for 2024, I did make the active resolution to reset my mentality to be an enthusiastic learner of pleasure again. A young grasshopper, if you will. I thought the best way to kick off the resolution was to do what I saw as the #1 suggestion to try in 2024 by a lot of sex educators that I love: edging.

Now, I’ve given edging a chance every now and then, and sometimes I unwittingly do it when I’m using my hands because my hand cramps up. But this time, I was determined to spend the next two weeks mindfully practicing edging. Here’s how it went:

Baseline session

We always recommend recording a baseline session with your Lioness before starting any new sexperiment. A baseline session means measuring what a “typical” session looks like for you, how you normally like to masturbate. No adding of any atypical external factors just yet! So here’s mine before the start of this great edging sexperiment:

anna's baseline session with orgasm

Session length: 2m 47s

Orgasm length (highlighted in purple): 18s 

Here is just zoomed into the orgasm itself. My orgasms typically are the Ocean Wave pattern and have a very rhythmic contraction.

zoomed in baseline

Edging practice sessions 1-5

Now, I won’t put all 6 sessions on here for length sake, but over the next 11 days, I practiced really mindfully noticing my “plateau phase” (the feeling before the orgasm). I was getting up to about 5 plateaus and then pulling back from the orgasm before I would accidentally tip over the edge. I was definitely feeling a bigger sense of orgasm relief than I would typically feel, but I knew the edging sessions being 8-15 minutes long was too short.

anna's plateau phases

Session length: 9m 15s

Orgasm length (highlighted in purple): 22s

Number of plateaus (highlighted in orange): 5

Here is the zoom in to the last plateau (orange) before the orgasm (purple). You can see that the orgasm was slightly longer than my typical, but more interestingly, it was starting to have more of an Avalanche orgasm pattern than my typical Ocean Wave pattern.

anna's plateau phases zoomed in

The last, and best edging session

On my 6th session, I really made an effort to have no schedule near this session so I didn’t have my mind occupied with what I needed to do after. I was really determined to take it easy, enjoy the entire process, and see if I could decide to orgasm rather than accidentally tipping over the edge this time. And it was a huge success!

edging with orgasm

Session length: 27m 7s

Orgasm length (highlighted in purple): 47s

Number of plateaus (highlighted in orange): 11

With the 11 plateaus and getting close to orgasm, my orgasm ended up being over 2x the length and it felt like a huge release in my body, more satisfying than my typical sessions! Most interestingly, as you can see the orange highlights towards the end of the session, they started having VERY high pelvic floor contractions, way higher than even the orgasm. I was definitely feeling very high arousal and edged to the maximum by that point.

Here’s the zoom-in to that last few plateaus and orgasm.

edging with orgasm zoomed in

Honestly, this was such a fun 2-week experiment to try and I can confidently say, edging definitely lives up to its hype. I know for a lot of people, my final session being only 30 minutes long probably doesn’t feel like it’s long at all, but for me that’s about 15x longer than my typical sessions. It felt quite long! But, I hear y’all and I love a good challenge. I’ll be working on having an hour long edging session and report back one of these days. Until then, happy edging!

3 sessions you need to use the Lioness Smart Vibrator for edging and orgasm control
Jan 10, 2024 

3 sessions you need to use the Lioness Smart Vibrator for edging and orgasm control

The only way to stop yourself from going over the edge, is to know exactly where your boundaries are…and that’s not a piece of Instagram wisdom or a cryptic Facebook post from my youth. That’s my advice for learning how to edge and control your orgasms.

But before you can teeter on the brink of pleasure, you need to be familiar with what your personal journey to orgasm looks and feels like. So grab your handy, dandy Lioness Smart Vibrator and your phone. We’re going to get into how you can use Live View to find the edge of pleasure and master the art of controlled orgasms through three different kinds of sessions.

Session 1: Find your baseline

We’ve talked about this before, but having a baseline session with your Lioness is good practice no matter how you’re experimenting. Knowing where your pleasure journey starts makes it a lot easier to explore new things later.

baseline session with lioness

The gist of creating a baseline session is this: using live view, masturbate all the way to orgasm just as you normally would. No new tingling lubes, CBD serums, or techniques. Just do what you normally do and let yourself climax without interruption.

During this session, be sure to gently press down on the screen of your phone while you’re actively having an orgasm. This will tell you what your O looks like. (P.S. It’s best to have a few sessions with orgasms…for science, of course…not that you need permission to masturbate more.)

Questions to answer during your post-session survey: What does my orgasm look like? What does it feel like? What brings me to orgasm reliably? How long does my orgasm last and how pleasurable is it on a scale of 1-5?

Sessions 2 - 4: Learn your Plateau Phase

The plateau phase of sex and masturbation is the “pre-orgasm” period of time where you’re not quite there but you’re definitely on your way. (If you’re having sex with someone with a vulva, this is that time where they say “don’t stop” and it actually means “do not change a single thing or I will not reach the pinnacle of pleasure and then I will bite your head off like a praying mantis.” But anyway, back to edging with the Lioness…)

plateau phase lioness data
The orange highlights show this user’s plateau phases.


During these live view sessions, you’re going to be paying attention to your body and gently pushing down on your phone screen when you are close to orgasm. Then, let go when you “let go.” Some great physiological markers for the plateau phase are an increased heart rate, shallow breathing, tension building in your body, and that seemingly insatiable urge for more sexual stimulation.

At the end of your session when your Lioness app prompts you to fill out your post-session survey, make sure you include some notes about what your plateau phase really felt like for you. Reflecting on these questions immediately will help you when it’s time to try edging later.

Questions to answer during your post-session survey: What marker did you notice first, which marker came last, and at what point did you know there was no turning back?

Sessions 5 - 10: Ruin your orgasm

Okay, look. It’s painful to type out but sometimes pain and pleasure go together really well. If you’re going to learn to edge, you need to learn what your failed O’s look and feel like. You’re also going to need to hone in on what destroys your chance of finishing, and what just makes it a little harder than normal.

For these sessions, you’re going to do the same thing you did in the previous ones — only when it comes time to orgasm, you’re going to experiment with denying yourself that orgasm. Not everyone will need 5 sessions, but like I mentioned in my last post on edging, what works for you won’t work for everyone. It’s good to plan for some experimenting.

plateau phase delay and orgasm data
This shows a plateau phase that was delayed...and eventually led to orgasm. Good for this person for not totally ruining their O!


Before you jump into Live View and deny your orgasms, create a list of 3-5 edging techniques you want to experiment with. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a few ideas:

  • Stop all forms of stimulation
  • Use pain/overstimulation
  • Slow down (lower vibrations, less pressure, etc.)
  • Think of something that turns you off

Once you have your list, it’s time to create that many sessions and only try one technique per session. Seeing what your data looks like without orgasm and being able to discern what kills your arousal versus what momentarily dulls it will help as you venture further into the world of edging.

Questions to answer during your post-session survey: Was I completely unaroused after using this technique? How did my body feel being denied the orgasm? Would I be able to resume stimulation and bring myself to completion?

You’re ready to give edging a try!

Now that you know what your orgasm looks like, what your plateau phase feels like, and what dulls your arousal instead of squashes it, you are ready to give edging a try!

Remember, edging is not about orgasm denial — it’s about delay. Use the techniques you found in your 5th+ sessions when you start to feel like you did in your 2nd+ sessions to stop and start arousal multiple times during one masturbation session. After you’ve delayed your orgasm 2 or 3 times in one session, let yourself finish.

From there, you can compare your orgasm from your baseline session to your edging session and answer the age old question: does edging actually lead to better orgasms?


Answer your most orgasmic questions with The Lioness Vibrator!


lioness app and smart vibrator

Lioness is the first and only vibrator that helps you improve your orgasms.

The world’s most advanced vibrator uses precision sensors to let you literally see your arousal and orgasm. Experiment, understand yourself, and have better orgasms—after all, as the saying goes, “never measured, never improved.”

Click here to learn more about the Lioness.

Edging: Controlling orgasms for better orgasms
Jan 05, 2024 

Edging: Controlling orgasms for better orgasms

stop go pedal
Photo By Mikhail Mikhail Nilov on Pexels


Using lubes and sex toys to explore your body and improve your orgasms are great ways to indulge in pleasure. But what if I told you there was a way to have better orgasms — no new toys, no fancy lubes, and no partner needed?

Before you break the bank on better orgasms, consider giving edging a try. Here’s everything you need to know about delayed orgasms and how they can lead to improved pleasure.

What is sexual edging?

Edging (also referred to as delayed orgasms or controlled orgasms) is the act of getting as close to orgasm as possible before stopping, waiting a bit, and starting the entire process again during one masturbation/sex session. This can be done alone or with a partner, and can even move from more vanilla sex into BDSM sex when power dynamics are included.

The basic idea is that by delaying orgasm, you’re delaying pleasure and building up to something more explosive.

How do you edge / delay your orgasm?

The internet is full of tips and tricks for people of all anatomies when it comes to edging. I’ve seen everything from “pinch your penis” to “think of something sad,” and while those may work for some people, there’s no one size fits all way to edge your self toward and away from orgasm.

So let’s take a look at some general tips for you to refer to as you learn to edge:

  1. Do it alone first. Good sex requires great communication, so if you expect a partner to be able to help you with edging, you’re going to need to know what works. Take a few weeks and incorporate edging into your masturbation routine before you give it a go with someone else.

  2. Identify what it feels like before your orgasm. Look, we’re always going to be sex nerds here at Lioness so we’re always going to suggest that you track and learn your own pleasure. In some cultures, data is king but for us it’s simply good fucking pleasure practice.

    Before you try delaying your orgasms during masturbation, spend some time bringing yourself to orgasm quite frequently. Pay attention to what your body does and feels like right before you climax, write that down, and then use it to identify when you’re going to do tip 3.

  3. When you feel like you’re close to orgasm, stop stimulating yourself until you’ve cooled down a bit. That nerdy, dirty data you collected from tip 2 is going to be your best friend when it comes time to stop the fireworks.

    After you’ve blocked your own cock, give yourself some time to cool off, but don’t become completely unaroused. Spend time stimulating other parts of your body or thinking of things that turn you on without going over the edge (see, that’s where the name comes from).

    The goal is not to become unaroused, it’s just to temporarily stop that O!
  4. When you’ve cooled off for a few minutes, start masturbating all over again. Remember, the goal is to get as close to orgasm as possible before stopping completely.

Repeat tips 3 and 4 for as long as you’d like within one session. Then, when you’ve had enough of the stop/start of pleasure…go off, sis. 😉

traffic light
Photo by Tsvetoslav Hristov on Unsplash

Is edging DEFINITELY going to give me better orgasms?

You know the answer already, you just need me to say it (and that’s okay).

Edging, like all other ways to play in the world of pleasure, is not guaranteed to give you a better orgasm. For some people, delaying climax can lead to discomfort or unwanted pain. For others, it may just kill the mood.

If you find edging is harshin’ your mellow and taking your climax from OH! to ...oh… then it may be time to try something different (such as limiting the amount of times you stop/start to just once or twice) or give edging a rest altogether. If you need to cum when you’re body is ready to cum, thats totally fine. But the only way you’ll ever know if better O’s are on the other side of edging is to get yourself there again, and again, and again before finally letting yourself fall over.


Visualize the edge of pleasure with the Lioness Smart Vibrator

lioness smart vibratorAll good sex scientists deserve the best sex toys and tools. Elevate your edging journey with the Lioness Smart Vibrator. The world’s only biofeedback vibrator and intuitive mobile app make it incredibly easy to see when you’re on the brink of pleasure, and when you’ve found it.

Take yourself to the edge of smarter orgasms (and back again) as many times as you’d like.


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